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Digital Transformation Training

Digital Transformation: Headliner

Project Details

FOR: Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits | Commercial Sales Teams

DATE: 2017 - 2019


Digital Transformation of company-wide commercial sales team


Enterprise-wide instructor-led training workshops to launch CRM and sales process

Digital Transformation: Text
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My Role

In 2017, I participated in Southern Glazer's enterprise-wide launch of a customized Salesforce CRM, new consultative sales process, and launch of a customer e-commerce site (SG Proof)  by facilitating training to employees in 8 markets across the country. 

When I returned from training in different markets, I continued to drive change in my state by delivering over 2 dozen reinforcement training sessions for teams and individuals, field coaching sales and customers on e-commerce adoption, and building an executive dashboard training for regional sales leaders. 

Digital Transformation: Welcome


Digital Transformation: Infographics


Employees trained in 8 states on new consultative selling process and company Salesforce CRM


Local market reinforcement training sessions delivered


Increase in account visits reported after training reinforcement sessions initiated

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